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Published on November 11, 2007

Перевела с английского Елена Ильенкова Россия – страна женщин. По крайней мере, так было для меня. Я работал преподавателем для учителей в городе Самаре, и девяносто процентов в этой сфере составляли женщины. Ð’ нашем офисе моя начальница и коллеги были женщины. Официантки кафе и кассирши гастронома были, как правило, женщинами. Когда я сталкивался с соседями […]

I Follow the White Dog

Published on September 15, 2003

Russia is a country of women.

At least it was for me. I worked in the city of Samara as a trainer of English teachers, and ninety percent in that field were female. In our office, my boss and colleagues were women.

Getting the ‘final answer’ is a real team effort

Published on January 22, 2003

My father, Mac McCaughey, was appearing on the daytime version of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, now called simply Millionaire. As one of his three “lifelines,” he was allowed to make a call to a friend for help.