#108 3 Halloween Songs

Published on October 29, 2006

=> “Ghost at the Door” – poem/song activity and free mp3 audio file
=> “Mr Candlelight” – poem/song activity and free mp3 audio file
=> “Dancing With the Skeletons” – Movement exercise and free mp3 audio
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About the Issue

Halloween is here, and at the last minute… three Halloween songs for use in the classroom.

Each of these activities comes with a free downloadable mp3 sound file. To listen or to save them on to your own computer go to http://www.etseverywhere.com/?cat=8

The longest of the three songs is one minute and sixteen seconds, so they’re easy to save on the computer and to fit into lessons. You can also use the first two activities without the sound files.

But how can teachers use sound files in class? Well, if your computer can play the sound files, you can use them in the classroom Some suggestions…

(1) Find someone–a student perhaps–to make a CD if you can’t yourself.
(2) Bring in your notebook computer if you have one and turn up the speakers.
(3) Take the class to the the computer lab at school.
(4) Get a tape recorder. Play the song on your computer and just record it onto cassette. Not the best quality, but I’ve done it, and it works.

Ghost at the Door

Below is a Halloween poem/song of four lines. However, it has been mixed into language chunks. The task is to rearrange the eleven chunks below into the four-line poem.

1. a ghost came
2. a ghostly voice call out
3. But when I opened it
4. ‘Cause I heard
5. down the street
6. He might have wandered
7. he wasn’t there
8. On Halloween eve
9. no more
10. to my door
11. “Trick or Treat.”

When, finished students can listen to the mp3 audio of the song to check their work at http://www.etseverywhere.com/wp-content/uploads/ghost-at-door.mp3.

This song is short enough–four lines–that you can dictate it as a poem to students for writing and listening practice. Or you can download the mp3 audio of the song and play it for them.

Mr Candlelight

In this scary song, the singer addresses not a person but an object. That object is candlelight. Listen to what the singer says to the candlelight.

But first read the text and place the words below into the correct blanks.

NOUNS: bed, man, nothing, shadows, spider, stair, wall
VERBS: lead, look, make, seem, tell, throw

Teacher Tip: For lower level classes, only ask students to supply the missing nouns.

Hey, there, Mr. Candlelight
you __________ the __________ on the __________.
You __________ a __________ seem nine feet tall,
and a __________ __________ small

Hey, there, Mr. Candlelight
Please __________ the way up the __________.
And when I __________ underneath my __________,
Please __________ me __________’s there.

mp3 file at

Dancing With the Skeletons

This song has few words, so you’ll have to download the mp3 file to use it in the class. You’ll find directions and audio on the web site at http://www.etseverywhere.com/?cat=8.

Complete Texts to Songs

Ghost at the Door

On Halloween eve a ghost came to my door
But when I opened it he wasn’t there no more
He might have disappeared down the street
‘Cause I heard a ghostly voice call out “Trick or Treat.”

Mr. Candlelight

Hey, there, Mr. Candlelight
you throw the shadows on the wall.
You make a spider look nine feet tall,
and a man look small.
Hey, there, Mr. Candlelight,
Please lead the way up the stair.
And when I look underneath my bed,
Please show me nothing’s there

In the Next Issues

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Copyright 2006 Kevin McCaughey & I.M. Poosheesty

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