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Published on December 10, 2006

=> Introducing English Teachers Everywhere (www.ETseverywhere.com)
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Introducing English Teachers Everywhere (www.ETseverywhere.com)

This issue of ETs in Russia exists only to promote my new web site: English Teachers Everywhere (www.ETsEverywhere.com). We’re expanding! And the web site is now open to the public.

It features lots of free downloadable audios (nowadays often called podcasts). There are over 60 audio files you can downloade right now. All the files come with instructions or suggestions for classroom usage.

Here are a few of the things you’ll find at English Teachers Everywhere.

1. A song for practicing comparative forms (“Extremely True Facts About Cats”)
2. Sound effect dictation: identify the sounds
3. 3 brief interviews (less than a minute each) with a Navajo Indian from Arizona.
3. A song about why Russian stores seem to close so often (“The Closed Song”)
4. Little Stories (less than a minute) told be real people
5. An article and audio about nerds.
6. Several songs to practice numbers
7. Songs to learn English through movement
8. Holiday songs
9. People Sounds: identify the sounds people can make
10. Recycle Songs: very short songs (12 seconds to 2:00 minutes). Students learn them first through listening tasks, then compose there own words for karaoke.

Those are some of the audios you can find write now at www.etsverywhere.com
There are also photo galleries of Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Russia, and Moldova.

Go to the “contact” site if you visit and let me know what you think.

In the next Issues

Kevin is leaving for Southeast Asia and will return in mid January. So expect ETs in Russia & Elsewhere #113 around January 18.

Copyright 2006 Kevin McCaughey & I.M. Poosheesty

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