#115 Valentines Games and Song

Published on February 5, 2007

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2 Valentines Games

These are fun games, but they will probably work only with classes that know each other and feel comfortable together.

1. The Shoeless Partner Game

Students work in pairs, and you will need blindfolds. One person in each pair takes off his shoes.

(You’ll need to have clean floors or spread newspaper out).

All these shoes are thrown on the floor and mixed up.

The shoeless partners are sitting in chairs. They must direct partner 2, to find the two shoes. This will involve language of description, so before beginning practice vocabulary that the learners might need.

A little further
To the right
To the left
Behind that
In front of that one
Next to that
No not there
Put it down
Pick it up
You’re close

Can your students think of more phrases that might come in handy?

You may also want to go over shoe-related vocabulary before starting the activity: shoelaces, heel, toe, leather, boot, etc.

Warn students that anyone using their native language will be disqualified. They’ve got to do it in English!

2. Romeo and Juliet
Move chairs into a circle. If you have 10 students you’ll need 9 chairs. One person does not have a chair. He/she is “it.” This person wears a blindfold and walks around the circle.

The people in the chairs hold out one hand. The blindfolded person touches one person’s hand, and then gets to ask that person 2 questions (You can also have the “it” person sit on someone’s lap, but that might not fly in some schools).

The first is “Are you my Romeo or Juliet?” The person answers, trying to disguise his/her voice.

The “‘it” person can ask another question now: “What’s your favorite food?” “What did you do yesterday?” Whatever. The person must answer (though she can lie). The “it” person then will guess who this person is.

If he guesses right, than person becomes it.

I got these games from http://www.geocities.com/SouthBeach/Cove/2826/wnt/valgms.html and modified them for the language classroom. You’ll find other games there too.

Dumb Valentine’s Song

Here’s a mini C-test you can write on the board.

In a C-test the second half of every other word is missing. If the word has an odd number of letters, the larger half is taken away. An apostrophe is counted as a letter. One-letter words are skipped, and the first and last sentences are left untouched.

Students should complete the text–the short song lyric below–by completing the incomplete words.

The C-Test was developed by Christine Klein-Braley and Ulrich Raatz, and it is an accurate way of testing language proficiency.

I’ve got a sweetheart.
Sometimes I do___ know h__ to sh__
that I lo__ her.
S_ I ga__ her a gi__,
a le___ pie,
ba___ it mys___
on Valen______ Day.
Ye__, a le___ pie
o_ Valentine’s D__
but I for___,
she doe____ like p__
or lem___ either

This Valentine’s Day song is available for free download at www.etseverywhere.com

5 Questions: a Valentine’s Day Warm-up

Students can work in pairs.

1. What’s the nicest thing you ever received on Valentine’s day? What else have you received?
2. Have you ever received an anonymous gift? Something from a secret admirer? What do you usually give on Valentine’s day (if anything)?
3. What food do you associate with Valentine’s day?
4. Have you ever received nothing on Valentine’s day. How did you feel?
5. Women: What’s better–Valentine’s Day or International Woman’s Day?

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Answers: Dumb Valentine’s Day Song

I’ve got a sweetheart.
Sometimes I don’t know how to show
that I love her
So I gave her a gift
a lemon pie–
baked it myself
on Valentine’s Day
Yeah, a lemon pie
on Valentine’s Day
but I forgot,
she doesn’t like pie
or lemons either


i do not know what it is about you that closes
and opens; only something in me understands
the voice of your eyes is deeper than all roses)
nobody, not even the rain, has such small hands.

–last stanza of “Somewhere I’ve Never Traveled” by ee cummings

Copyright 2007 by Kervn McCaughey and I.M. Poosheesty

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