PowerPoint Games for EFL Leaners

Published on September 12, 2005

I know that PowerPoint is often used in classrooms as just a glorified OHP (overhead projector). But my friends and I create some wild PowerPoint games for each other. We really do play these games.

Here is a really simple game that you can download.   “D” Words (size: 438 KB)

First you’ll see a picture of something beginning with the letter “D.” Identify it. Press the space bar on your keyboard or the arrow keys to move ahead. Then you’ll see the word. This guess game makes for lively fun competition.

Yes, it’s just a vocabulary game, nothing more. But think of it as just a starting point. You have a template. You may add more “D” pictures. Or you may copy the file and change it to “G” pictures, or “In the Kitchen” pictures.

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